Instagram is clapping back at fake followers so all those influencers could be in danger

Tech 22/11/2018

Instagram is starting to fight back against fake accounts on the app and automated apps, commonly used by those Instagrammers trying to boost their follower count.

Any users that have logged their details with these apps that create inauthentic follows, likes and comments will have these fake followers stripped from their accounts.

These kind of accounts violate certain Instagram policies, and if users continue to fornicate with fake follow apps, their accounts will be impacted. This means they will then be restricted on different features.

Instagram is hoping this will discourage users from giving their details to external organisations that can actually increase the chances of being hacked/your details being leaked.

This is a pretty big deal considering there are a lot of Instagram "influencers" who are benefiting financially from the use of these kind of spam accounts to boost their follower count, which in turn gets them brand deals and other good shit.

We're definitely not saying this is everyone, but there are some very obvious culprits out there.

It's definitely a step in the right direction to keep the use of Instagram as authentic and genuine as possible.

(Instagram) has removed 754 million fake accounts in the past quarter alone, and stopping these spam apps could prevent them from misusing clients’ accounts.

Well, that's absolutely huge. 

And let's be fair, anyone who is paying for fake followers doesn't really deserve our attention!