Ol' Zuckerberg just admitted Facebook scans punters private messages and texts

Facebook 05/04/2018

Mark Zuckerberg has just put his foot in his mouth again.

Facebook has had its fair share of scandals in the past few months and now this is just another bit of icing on the cake. Zuckerberg has now admitted that they actually scan all your private shit; this includes links and images that people are sending one another, but also reads chats when they have been flagged by moderators.

He confirmed this in a podcast interview with media company Vox.

He told a story about receiving a phone call from staff at his Mountain View firm, which related to ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Because Facebook had detected people trying to send sensational messages through the Messenger app, alarm bells started ringing.

"In that case, our systems detect what's going on," Zuckerberg stated. "We stop those messages from going through."

He insists, however, that this scanning is NOT used for advertising purposes... but at this point who really knows.

The software is apparently designed to stop abusive behaviour on the platform.

A lot of punters have reacted to this on social media, essentially claiming its bull shit and that they believe their personal data is in fact being used for advertising purposes.

One person stating that after speaking with their spouse about a restaurant on Meseenger, an advertisement for the same place appeared as an advert within their newsfeed.

In response, Facebook are apparently going to clear up their data policies to provide users with a better indication on what their data is used for.

Dodgey shit.