Some mum is keen to ban Fortnite

Tech 09/03/2018

For any of you noobs who play Fortnite, this kid Leo's mum wants to ban it from her son.

She obviously hasn't tried jumping off the roof with an umbrella yet...

His concerned mother says that the game has changed her 10 year old son, making Leo less social than normal.

She explained that Fortnite had made him start ignoring family time in favour of being in front of his XBox, with the game's constant energy making him find normal life boring in comparison. 

She first began restricting his time on Fortnite, and now has confiscated the whole game from the poor kid.   

Leo has taken it fairly well. Saying he doesn't mind not playing it so much anymore.

His situation isn't unusual - according to Business Insider, Fortnite is so popular that after just six months, it was the most-watched game on game-streaming platform Twitch. At one point in February, there wasd 3.4 million people were playing the game at exactly the same time.