Spotify can now compile playlists based on your DNA

Tech 17/10/2018

Spotify has recently teamed up with to make a playlist feature like no other! 

Now, when you sign up with the genealogy company,, there's a function where you can link up your family tree results with music. If you already know most of your heritage, it's as simple as just listing your top 5 origns.

In accordance with the regions you originate from, an algorithm then compiles a set of about 20 tracks that represent those places/the sound of those places. 

And we know you're probably thinking it'll be a whole bunch of elevator music, but it's actually fairly modern tracks that you could have in your playlist already. 

Our web girl tested it out and her playlist goes as is:

There was all sorts of stuff in there. To respresent part of her English/Welsh heritage, a Wiley track made the list, then there was stuff from the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack to represent her Polynesian side. Nice!

If you know your roots well and wanna give this a go and see what you would look like in playlist form, head here.

But, if you just wanna know where the fuck ya from, then for sure will have all your answers.