Spotify is now going to let independent artists upload music straight up, no catch

Tech 24/09/2018

Spotify, is one of the world's leading music streaming services but it's not always the easiest service to deal with. By this we mean, it's not always been the most open platform for up and coming artists wanting to upload their own music.

Historically, there's been some hoops to jump through before your music gets on the streaming service, like usually having to go through distribution platforms such as CD Baby, TuneCore, etc, (not that many of us would know about that).

Now, however, Spotify wants to let you upload straight to the site completely free of charge, in a new programme called Spotify for Artists. Spotify for Artists, currently, is an invite-only based section of the site, made just for the artist, to hopefully achieve a similar user experiece to rivals such as Soundcloud.

In a blog posted by the Spotify team, it states, 

Just like releasing through any other partner, you’ll get paid when fans stream your music on Spotify. Your recording royalties will hit your bank account automatically each month, and you’ll see a clear report of how much your streams are earning right next to the other insights you already get from Spotify for Artists.


This is huge for Spotify, and huge for a lot of independent artists as well. Fuck yeah!