Tony Hawk is just as keen for a 'Pro Skater' reboot as us

Tech 02/03/2018

With the recent reboots of nostalgic childhood games (Crash Bandicoot and the announcent of the Spyro The Dragon reboot), it begs the question how many more of our fave games will be getting the rejig.

The big rig himself, skate king Tony Hawk, has reached out to his Twitter in a response to getting the game of a lifetime, Tony Hawk 'Pro Skater' the reboot it deserves. 

A lot of fans have been requesting it of Tony but he just isn't equipped with the skills to do it.

To many fan's disappointment, Tony Hawk no longer works with the Activision who own the rights to game so the reboot isn't really possible unless he teams up with them again. And unfortunately he can't code the game either.

Seeing as the game wasn't solely made by Tony Hawk and Tony Hawk only, this won't happen with the snap of our fingers. 

But we can keep hoping!!!