You can now get a social media baby sitter, because running it yourself is just too much

Tech 30/11/2018

Being a millennial is just oh-so-stressful apparently, having to keep your Insta up-to-date at all times. So stressful in fact, that a company has come up with a sitter service for your 'gram. Seriously guys, is this really the world we live in?

Luxury hotel chain Ibis in Switzerland have introduced a new service called 'Relax We Post'. It lets you hand over your Instagram login details to their "Instagram sitters" who will post photos and stories on your behalf, and even reply to comments. Then you can enjoy your holiday in peace - can't let those followers down, but a girl needs a holiday from all the posting, you know?

No, we don't know. 

"This new service offered by Ibis Switzerland is one of a kind. We pay close attention to current trends and make constant updates to the services at our hotels, ensuring we are able to offer our guests a range of modern, innovative ideas to make their everyday lives easier. 'Relax We Post' is part of our mission to ensure hotel guests enjoy unforgettable experiences when they stay with us," said Phillipe Alanou, senior VP of operations at AccorHotels Central Europe. 

This is literally one of the stupidest things we've ever seen. And we've seen a lot of shit, trust us.