You can now mute artists on Spotify thanks to a brand new feature

Tech 23/01/2019

Spotify has just quietly launched a new feature that will allow you to mute artists from your personal algorithm when automatically playing out what music is recommended for you.

Although not confirmed by Spotify, we can only assume that this is in light of the R Kelly allegations that have been hitting headlines, with many people wanting to #MuteRKelly and his music. Spotify have already removed artists such as XXXTentacion and R Kelly from their algorithms, but it's a handy feature for any artist you're just not into.

But maybe you just don't like the sound of a certain artist? Whatever the reason you don't want their music anywhere near your account, it's really easy to get rid of them. The feature is available to toggle on and off in the menu bar of each artist’s page.

Now you can listen to only and everything you want!