YouTube got hacked and the most viewed video, 'Despacito', was deleted

Tech 11/04/2018

Internet is going crazy.

YouTube account Vevo has been hacked and a lot of the world's most popular music videos have been affected.

The names of videos have been completely defaced from artists such as Shakira, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Drake and heaps more.

The biggest shock however was that the music video for 'Despacito', which was named YouTube's highest viewed video with 5 billion views, just the other day, was defaced and then completely removed. 

Hacker's replaced the thumbnail with a bunch of masked individuals holding guns and it was creepy AF. Here's some of the hackers work.

Defaced Despacito thumbnail
Defaced thumbnail for 'Despacito' video.
Shakira video; renamed.
Shakira video; renamed.
Taylor Swift video; renamed.
Taylor Swift video; renamed.

The alleged hacker has now taken Twitter. One of them want at least 40,000 followers... otherwise their reign of terror won't stop.

Are any of us really going to care if they remove the Paul brothers?

Who knows what the motives of the elite hackers are, but this is pretty crazy?