Tammy's Tiny Festival


If you thought festival season was over - then think again!

Tammy Davis here from George Breakfast, and I thought I should try and put together a festival of my own.

It's a guaranteed sellout with only one ticket available, held on Friday the 24th of May!

And I've just dropped the line up....

Line up:

  • Kings (said yes! How good.)
  • P-Money (confirmed, I know, amazing.)
  • Jack Tame (acoustic hip hop covers set. Actual.)
  • Dan Aux (kinda has to play as the Fest happens during his show - same deal for Dick Johnson & Greg Churchill. Sucked in.)
  • Bad Manners

And hopefully some other George DJs I can blackmail somehow.

Ticket details:

'Ticket' goes on sale Wednesday May 22, 7am - for $4.20. Win the chance for a presale link to buy 7.30am daily on George Breakfast with Kara, Stu & Tammy. 

It will definitely be a mean as time!

Cheers to Ultimate Brew; creators of badass beer, ultimatebrew.co.nz
and thanks to Burger Wisconsin!