George FM & Breakout Presents: Lee Mvtthews Endurance

George FM presents: Lee Mvtthews Endurance - 6 Hours of Power

27 mAY

George FM is gassed to get behind Breakout Presents: Lee Mvtthews Endurance!

Due to Auckland being in the red traffic light setting for the proposed date of December 10th, this event has been postponed to 2022..


The time is near. You can almost smell it. We are about to take it up or down a level (depending on which way you look at it) and hit the dance floor with reckless abandon. And who better to lead the way than New Zealand's most reckless dance floor orchestrators LEE MVTTHEWS, who have somewhat naively committed to a marathon 6 hour DJ Set on New Zealand's biggest indoor dance floor. Introducing ENDURANCE - 6 HOURS OF POWER.

The two modern day gladiators and award-winning producers - Tom Lee and Graham Matthews - will kick off their 6 HOURS OF POWER from 8pm on Friday May 27th 2022, steering the Spark Arena dance floor through a musical journey of house, garage, trap, dubstep and of course, drum and bass right through to the early hours of Sunday morning. Big production, big bass, big ticker.

All tickets remain valid for the new date

Tickets onsale NOW! Grab them HERE

Should you no longer be able to attend refunds will be provided from Ticketmaster up until December 10th

 George FM & Breakout Presents: Lee Mvtthews Endurance