Tommy Fury and One Direction geezer Liam Payne bizarrely announce boxing match
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Tommy Fury and One Direction geezer Liam Payne bizarrely announce boxing match

“Why is One Direction fighting Love Island?”

Liam Payne - that one geezer from One Direction - has seemingly made the announcement that he will be fighting Tyson Fury's half-brother Tommy Fury in a boxing fight, and what in the world is happening to boxing?!

Payne and Fury simultaneously announced the news of the match in a joint Instagram pic, however, the only real clue we get is text on the poster that reads “announcement tomorrow”. 

So what are we supposed to do with this info? Is it real? Are we being trolled? April Fools has very much been and gone…

Fans were quick to react to what would be the boy band singer's boxing debut and let’s just say people are confused.

One Instagram commenter wrote: “Liam, this is the wrong direction for you.”

“There’s a high likelihood that Tommy won’t use his hands again after this scrap,” another said referring to a quote Liam said in an interview last year admitting getting into a physical scrap with one of his former bandmates. 

A third joked: “Why is One Direction fighting Love Island?”

Honestly, it is a little odd considering Tommy is currently an undefeated fighter and Liam Payne has no fighting experience other than what he claimed went down during his 1D days, which I'd say probably isn't a leg you wanna be standing on when entering the ring...

Despite being a rookie, Tommy Fury is well-versed in the boxing world thanks to his half-brother Tyson Fury.

Tommy most recently defeated the problematic fighter/YouTuber Jake Paul, who announced his return to the ring against Nate Diaz on the same day that news of Tommy and Liam's bizarre fight broke.

Either way, this match-up is is gonna be one to watch, even just for the entertainment factor.