WATCH: Crowd laughs after US Military open 200-year-old time capsule but it’s completely empty
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WATCH: Crowd laughs after US Military open 200-year-old time capsule but it’s completely empty

Centruies in the making troll-job.

A hyped-up US military academy event in West Point, New York was crashed by Bob the Buildups. 

Eager amateur historians packed into the seats at Robinson Auditorium to see what was in the “time capsule”, believed to date back to 1828. It’s a lead box that was found a couple of years ago at the base of a statue of a Polish military leader, Thaddeus Kościuszko, who fought in the Revolutionary War. 

It certainly looked like some crazy shit would be in there, but when the box was opened the crowd laughed, groaned and sighed. Because, as seen at around 25 minutes into the below video, it contained fuck all. 

Jennifer Voigstchild, the academy historian commentating on the live stream, asked the audience if they had any queries about the nothingness in the box. No one did. 

“We wish there had been more in the box,” she said.

She wasn’t lying too. In a statement announcing the unboxing, just the thought of cracking that thang open had the military pumped. 

“This time capsule is truly a unique discovery, and we are excited to open it and see what the cadets left us nearly two centuries ago,” U.S. Military Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Steve Gilland said. 

“The capsule’s contents will certainly add to the West Point story and is another example of past generations of cadets gripping hands with present and future generations.”  

Ah well fellas, better luck next time. 

YouTube commenters are pondering the possibility that the cadets who left the ‘time capsule’ just pulled off a centuries-in-the-making prank. 

“If it was empty, that was a pretty good troll by the cadets in 1828,” wrote one person. 

“What a disappointment,” another wrote. “Were they playing a game on us?”

“I appreciate they did this live and found it funny that the box was empty LOL,’ a third added. “Trolled.”

I’m picturing those now definitely dead dudes, wherever they are, giggling away. Rest in peace merry little pranksters.