Time's ticking: NZ DJ Messie to raise $7k in 10 days for her doco crew to get to Glastonbury
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Time's ticking: NZ DJ Messie to raise $7k in 10 days for her doco crew to get to Glastonbury

A little bitta support can go a helluva long way - we're talking UK!

Kiwi DJ Messie is set to head on one helluva adventure, but is calling for help to get her mates across the world to document her latest and greatest DJ achievement.

For those living under a rock, Messie (Tessa Hills) is a talented DJ who was given the opportunity of a lifetime, jumping up beside the international superstar Fred Again as a supporting artist for his New Zealand and Australia pop-up shows earlier this year. And now Glastonbury festival!

After entering a submission to play at just one of Fred Again’s gigs and becoming the chosen one, Messie told George: “After my set, as I was coming off stage, Fred came up to me and was like: ‘This is definitely not the last time you’ll do a show with me’. Which was, like, crazy.”

Fast forward 3 months and Messie has not only conquered NZ and AUS but has now been invited to play at one of the UK’S most influential music festivals in the UK - Glastonbury.

The rising DJ has teamed up with four other young Kiwi go getters in creating a documentary about her incredible journey. 

Messie is executive producing alongside Co-Director Camden Jackson, Co-Director and Producer Molly Doyle,Creative Director Gala Baumfield and Creative Halle Richards.

The group have opened up a donations page in hopes of funding $7K for the crew to follow Messie on her endeavours. 

The money would cover all costs such as transport, gear rental and food for the team.

So far, the group have gained a boat load of support, with some donations coming from familiar names, including NZ DJ Dick Johnson, Jesse Mulligan and Patrick Gower.

The one and only Paddy G was the first to donate $100 to the fund when he met with Messie and her crew last week. 

“I love people who dream big, like @tessemessie , who is off to Glastonbury!... It is an incredible breakthrough and an amazing story of a Kiwi taking on the World and it deserves to be recorded,” he said in an Instagram post. 

“That’s why I am backing this young documentary team… I have had a look under the bonnet of their doco and given it the ‘Paddy G WOF (Warrant of Fitness)’,” he continued. 

“This is Fucking Messie, this is the Fucking Messie Doco.”

With only 10 days left before they jet off, the crew have reached $3,828 of their goal from just 102 donors.