'A great bit of kit': Why so many Kiwis are STOKED with what Fred Again wore to Glastonbury
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'A great bit of kit': Why so many Kiwis are STOKED with what Fred Again wore to Glastonbury

Where can we cop that fit?!

Kiwi Fred Again fans are buzzing after the DJ legend rocked around Glastonbury Festival wearing a t-shirt with none other than NZ's own rising DJ Messie on it.

Messie joined DJ duo Joy Anonymous, playing on their set at the festy, and now the whole crew including Fred are sharing clips and vids of them having the best time and supporting each other’s sets.

SOURCE: @fredagainagainagainagainagain on Instagram

“That’s a great piece of kit 🫡,” Messie reacted on her Instagram story.

SOURCE: @tessemessie on Instagram

Fred wasn’t the only one sporting some Messie merch around the festy. Messie shared a bunch of her mates rocking her face around the place.

She’s even keen to get some made for her upcoming gig in London, but we’re more interested in how we can get our hands on some.

SOURCE: @tessemessie on Instagram

It’s been one helluva year for Tessa Hills AKA Messie. After joining Fred Again during his stint here in Aotearoa, the rising DJ was invited to perform as part of Joy Anonymous’ set at Glastonbury 2024.

Now, we've seen the first look of Messie in action and we want MORE!

Instagram user @grgadnvan currently has a clip up from the set, but you’ll have to be quick to catch it as it will soon disappear.

SOURCE: @grgadnvan on Instagram

The trip to Glasto wasn’t completely smooth sailing for Messie. Before heading to the UK, she put the call out for donations to help get her mates across the world to document this latest achievement.

The Kiwi DJ has teamed up with four other young Kiwi go-getters to create a documentary about her incredible journey.

Messie is executive producing alongside Co-Director Camden Jackson, Co-Director and Producer Molly Doyle, Creative Director Gala Baumfield, and Creative Halle Richards.

The crew ended up raising $9,758, almost $3,000 more than their $7,000 goal.

We’re keen as to see what’s to come from their ‘From Gisborne to Glastonbury’ film, and we’re sure it’s full of epic moments with Messie’s new mates and biggest supporters—Fred and Joy Anonymous.