Full-mooning to 'a thrasher in bed': Watch TV3's epic news bloopers from the last 34 years
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Full-mooning to 'a thrasher in bed': Watch TV3's epic news bloopers from the last 34 years

Only in New Zealand, eh?!

Who doesn't get a kick out of a good news blooper? Over the last 34 years, TV3 has given us some rippers that have had us in stitches.

W YouTuber Dan News TV has dropped a cracker of a compilation with the funniest live stuff-ups caught on the telly.

From dildo chat to a full moon-ing, here are 5 of our top picks from the mega blooper reel.

Amanda Gilles is a "thrasher in bed"

To the full-on shock of her co-host, Amanda Gilles called herself a "thrasher in bed". 

Immediately picking up on her slip of the tongue, she urged everyone to not be "so revolting". 

Mark Richardson sat in a silent fit of hysterics watching the shitshow continue as the news presenter desperately tried to clarify she was talking about her SLEEPING positions.

"Gilles, your mother is watching!" Duncan Garner yelled as she admitted defeat.

Kiwis throw dildos

Former national party leader Don Brash went on live telly to say "In New Zealand, we throw mud, we throw dildos..."

He's not blimmin' wrong either. We've all gotta be familiar with the infamous Waitangi dildo incident of 2016 where a protester flung a sex toy at Minister of Economic Development Steven Joyce.

John and Hamish's "Brokeback Mountain Convention"

New Zealand TV treasure Hilary Barry threw John Campbell and Hamish McKay under the bus when she said the pair were in Brisbane for more than just a "Brokeback Mountain convention".

The camera immediately cuts to the two holding each other with no clue Hilz is cracking up at their bromance back in the studio

Full moon-ing

What's a live TV cross if not the perfect opportunity for a daring bloke to expose his ass to the nation? It only gets better when the pissed off reporter tells the mystery mooner to "bugger off" as the dude attempts to bask in his 5 seconds of fame.

Simon Bridges doesn't like what's gone in his mouth

"It's just not nice getting what you know has been in someone else's mouth in your mouth," Simon confidently said on the AM Show with Duncan Garner.

We aren't entirely sure of the context, but what's left to the imagination is what really makes this clip sing.

"Goodbye Simon," Duncan quickly moved on, and for the best!

We'll bloody miss these brilliant blunders that always gave us a good belly laugh. 

Best of luck to everyone signing off at TV3 this week! Cheers for keeping us Kiwis informed and entertained over the years.