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Music 27/03/2012

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27th March 2012

To whom it may concern...

My name is William Murdoch. My son Brooklyn skates. My son is the ONLY reason I get out of bed. Brooklyn has taught me what it means to be a father. I love my son more than I love life its self, if those who have threaten Brooklyns and mine life think that they will silence me then I'm sorry to let you all know (there's about 20 of you) that all you have done is drive me HARDER to get my message out...

The message....

Are you any lesser of a skater if you ride a long board? Are you less of a skater if your a girl and ride a pink board? Are you less of a skater because you can pull off all the tricks? Is the skate community really that retarded that they can't see that anyone who buys any type of board is good for skating? Does the skate community think its ok to threaten the life of an 8 year old kid because some of you thought it was me who pushed over a kid? I skate, or as I like to say I cruise around checking out the view and generally enjoying myself. No I can't drop in nor do I want to. Sometime I ride a BMX bike. I can pop a wheelie and I can do a very average bunny hop, I prefer going hard out around the streets kind of like when I rode a KTM and competed all over Australia a very long time ago. I own 10 boards. Some of them I consider art. I will continue to buy them but I will not be buying anything more ever again from AMAZON.


When Brooklyn and his mates all complained to me about the current situation around skate comps I saw that the playing field was not level. Why have 14 year old competing against 7 year olds? Having run Motor bike races years ago I thought how hard can it be to sort out sponsors for kids? As it turned out it proved to be a mine field for the initiated due to the politics here in NZ around skating. Politics and politicians hold no interest to me nor do I allow them to influence my thinking or my actions (politicians are really good @ making excuses). My interest was in my son wanting DAD to put on a comp.

There were 2 sponsors who in my opinion let the kids down and who were determined to make the event a disaster. Firstly Skinny who made all the promises under the sun but never delivered on any. Using on the day as an excuse for not providing lunch that their vehical had broken down then the marketing manager Micheal telling me via phone that the lawyer had said they did not promise lunch. Forgot that he wrote it in an email and that he also confirmed it in front of 4 people actually it was Paul the boss of Skinnys idea.

There will be legal action taken against Telecom (the owner of Skinny) having spent most of my life signing contracts and knowing the law on both sides of the coin. I made sure to keep every written correspondence I had with them along with every minute from every meeting. New Zealand is one country where a verbal agreement still stands, and of course if you have it in writing then its hard for any judge not to award in your favor. Micheal and Paul stated via email on 5 separate occasions that they had paid me the prize money. THEY HAVE NOT! The contract I signed clearly stated the prize money was to be paid long before the comp. Telecom have a long history of not delivering on promises and please don't forget just how much money they charge you every time you make a call and it would be nice if the phone numbers I was given actually worked. The skinny girl on TV made numerous errors when it came to what Skinny actually said. To be honest most 20 year olds fresh out of uni don't really have too many business skills in the real world nor have they been involved in over a half a million deals like I have. And why is Skinny showing up for a clean up that I'm paying for?

Paul, the GM at Skinny said via email that it was shocking that the money had not be paid but he would look into it. On the day when Skinny reneged on their lunch offer Paul would not call to explain why nor has he offered any explanation why Skinny left all the kids hanging. It was a good idea on our behalf to have other venders their and that Mountain Dew showed up - Thanks guys! Skinny took great pleasure in telling everyone they were sponsoring cash for trash ( we pay kids 10 bucks for 20 minutes work cleaning up the park each day) but Skinny never actually paid their end.... so I did!

Skinny sponsor older skaters. I had some involvement with one but when I discovered that this person was on (P) I informed Micheal at Skinny and decided that I did not want to be involved with them. I also spoke to a friend of mine who works for Telecom and asked for his advice which was to protect Skinny from any damage. He also advised me that a verbal contract would normally see Telecom run a million miles if it was shown that they were in the wrong. All guarantees I had from Skinny were witnessed by a third party and were also in writing.

Amazon also agreed to donate prizes after telling me that they had no money. I was made aware of the Amazon / Cheapskates situation however I chose not to take sides but to try and get everyone to work together. At first Justin from Amazon was all for it then when I asked him for what he was going to do he said he would have his skate guy call me but they were in. They never did call so I called him, once again I got told all good bro....also in writing.

3 months ago it was brought to my attention the problems with the Vic Skate Park. Not knowing about skate parks I asked around and sure enough yes there were many many problems with the design and the build. I did some looking and found that a company who had never built a park underbid everyone. I found when that company ran out of money they went to Len Brown and the council and was given more money? You tender - you win you can't deliver the job and the council gives you more money? Only in NZ. Then after they gave them more money they still delivered a park minus 80 per cent of the coping. Well done you lovely bunch of rocket scientists, also well done to the designers who appeared with me on Close Up and who went to great lengths to tell the whole of NZ that they are responsible. Can you pay back the million please? Will Amazon help with the costs of the repairs?

I have over 200 emails sent to the council regarding the problems. Not 1 has ever been answered. It's perfectly clear that no one wants to front up and say yes "I fucked up". I made a terrible mistake thinking people would only paint on the wooden areas that I had sorted to be re-painted after the event. I am very sorry for this and I have said I will pay for the clean-up.

As I type this I'm aware that the park has already had the cheap ply painted. I say cheap because it's the wrong ply. Normally outside you want marine ply but no the council and the designers decided cheap ply was good enough.

The designers of the park have a vested financial interest in everyone thinking that the park is sweet and totally cool. It is not. I had a concrete expert looks at the concrete and he laughed. I guess all the concrete was poured in-correctly. There's plenty of evidence of the park falling apart after just 4 months of use. Why is the park badly designed? Why is it falling apart after a MILLION dollars of your money was spent? Why is it so munted already after just 4 months if the designers and the council knew what they were doing? My research tells me that the only guy who really knows what he is doing when it comes to building skate parks in NZ a bloke I have never met Jason Parks. Why was this bloke not given the chance to build the place? Why did the council and the designers decide a company that poured drive ways was the company to use? Was there a family member or a mate working for P&M civil? How much were the designers paid? Why was Leighton there with his camera on Sunday? To film graffiti? Graffiti that was painted out and removed with 3 days? Why is Amazon trying to control who puts on skate comps and who don't? Why did Amazon and Skinny stiff the kids even before the event happened? Do any of the designers work for Amazon? What skaters are sponsored by Skinny? Why would Skinny promise so much in writing and not deliver? Why would Amazon go on TV and bag the comp. Was it really about the graffiti or was it about the kid who got pushed? Let's face it folks grafitti is here to stay. Why is it wrong to paint art on cheap ply? Why cant we have art at a park?

So we have a little comp and all of a sudden we have people trying to sabotage it. Why were kids without helmets trying to disrupt the comp while the kids were skating? Why did they insist on dropping in right in front of the other skaters nearly causing multiply accidents? Why was Leighton there with his camera yelling at security and myself? Why did Amazon and Skinny both not show or deliver what they agreed to do in WRITING? I'm not really down with companies who exploit cheap labor (Telecom now has your 018 answered by staff in the Philippines). I'm not down with an Australian company trying to tell a boy from Invercargill what he can and can't do in fact if any one tells me what I'm not going to do will normally get my standard reply to censorship.

Any of my real friends who know me will tell you I am not a man of violence. I deal with violence everyday doing my job trying to help people with addiction problems. Tonight I met a man who told me if he doesn't stop drinking he will die. His name is Steve. He lives in a hostel has been to rehab 3 times he is 55 and has 6 kids. He is the person those that donated $213.00 on Sunday will help treat for the next 3 months at a cost of over $45,000.00. You see treating addiction is about helping kids get back their mums and dads. God knows that Brooklyn has a dad these days because I faced my fears and looked at what the medical system was telling me and I decided that the doctors and the pill companies were wrong. 17 years ago I quit drinking. I had a beer the night the all blacks won the world cup. These days I might have the occasional beer but I prefer french bubbles so I normally have a glass a day sometimes 2 bearing proof to my statement that addiction is not a disease.

Lastly I want to talk about a really nice dad I know called Craig Platt. Craig is a family man committed 100% to his family. I met him at the park along with his son. I understand his patience being tested by the youths who were doing their best to interrupt the comp. His actions so the public say were totally out of order. Once upon a time in the NZ I grew up in if you behaved like an egg your dad would give you a swift kick in the arse and you would learn a lesson, and if your dads mate saw you being a dick you stood a good chance of getting a kick in the arse from him too. Back then we didn't kill kids by beating them to death because we were on P or boozed out of our head. I can't and never will agree with what Craig did but I don't think he should be judge on one incident. He made a mistake. He said sorry. I'm 100% sure that Craig feels absolutely gutted by what he did and will regret if for a very long time. He is and always will be my friend from the skate park and I will stand beside him and support him as a person and as a good man who made a mistake.

I have if I so wish the opportunity of gaining financial reward for the liability this site and others are opened themselves up for by falsely saying it was me who pushed the kid. I will be getting the story out as I see it. Skinny, Amazon and the skate park designers along with council have some explaining to do who was responsible for all the dropping of the ball. I'm sure the ball will get passed quickly from one to another and round and round and round. Us kiwis are not too good at putting our hand up and say 'Yes I fucked up and I'm sorry'. Us kiwis need to learn that to make mistakes is ok. That if we learn from our mistakes then we can grow as a person, I certainly learnt a lot from this experience. Most of it good.

I will turn the other cheek and rise above my old self who looks to deliver my own style of justice against those who have wronged myself and my son. I too have been assaulted at Vic park called the police and had nothing happen so I know how some people must feel. If I wanted I could file a police report about all the death threats I had received. I will if I get anymore.

I will not go away. I will not shut the fuck up. I will not be bullied by an Australian company or by a large corporation like Telecom who really is only interested in one thing PROFIT nor will I allow anyone ever to dictate what I can and cant do...

No one was badly hurt at Sundays comp. The kids involved all had a great time and loved all the prizes they got. Not one single supporter apart from Skinny and Amazon complained, funny considering they both stiffed the kids.......

The truth sets you free. Kids are our future. Politicians are really good @ excuses, scoooters are for girls... but scooters are better than computers.

Yours sincerely,

Doc Murdoch, Event Organiser


Within 6 months there will be an open event 20k cash. 10k first, 6k second 4k third. Your all invited...... even if you ride for Skinny or Amazon.