Office sex romp under investigation

Music 02/02/2015

A Christchurch couple could lose their jobs after dozens of people witnessed their late-night sex romp in a brightly-lit office building.

Patrons at the Carlton Bar and Eatery watched on as the man and woman got up close and personal in the Rabobank building on Papanui Rd on Friday night.

The individuals – believed to be employees of insurance brokers Marsh Ltd – were identified after video and photos of the romp were uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

In a post on forum Reddit, one patron said the entire bar "united" to cheer the couple on.

"It started with a casual flirt, then the kiss, grabbing the attention of all," they wrote.

"Finally they moved to the back of them [sic] room, thinking they were unseen.

"[At least] 50 bar patrons were pressed up against the window yelling their approval."

Another witness said the couple were "totally oblivious" to the fact they could be seen.

Marsh Ltd chief executive Grant Milne told Fairfax Media the company was taking the matter seriously.

Executives were flying down from Auckland to handle the ordeal and an employment investigation was underway, he said.

"We know who is involved, it's obvious from the photos."

The incident has nothing to do with Rabobank who, despite having naming rights to the building, does not operate out of the office in question.

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Photo source: Facebook