Police officers test postive for drugs at Stereosonic festival

Music 08/12/2015
The future of Stereosonic Festival in Australia isn't looking good after three Austrlian Police Officers tested positive for Ecstasy & Meth while on duty. Testing of all officers on duty took place after supervisors caught wind that officers may have been indulging while on duty at the event. 
Despite the results, the officers won't be charged because they were not caught in possession of any substances. 
This comes after an Australian Sylvia Choi collapsed at Sydney Olympic Park last Saturday during Stereosonic Music Festival, and died later at Concord Hospital around 9:30pm.
It is said that she passed away due to a combination of drugs mixed with water before falling ill. Daniel Huynh, 25, has been charged for selling Sylvia Choi one “yellow snapchat’ pill and one cap of MDMA. Daniel Huynh warned Sylvia in advance of the pressed pill’s potency. He is charged with two counts of drug supply, and was denied bail.