Coachella Festival looks to expand again

Music 22/02/2016
Coachella expanded it's festival to a two weekend format back in 2012, and is also looking to add an east coast edition on the festival somewhere in the New York Region. On top of this, it has been announced that an autumn edition of the Coachella Festival in Indio is looking very likely.
The Desert Sun reports that the Mayor of Indio, California, Glenn Miller, says they have been working with Goldenvoice (the festival organisers) and that another event is “imminent.” The possibility for additional weekends has existed since 2013, but recently there has been “significant progress” towards the actualization of a fall Coachella festival.

A second festival would bring an approximate $1.4 million to the city, an attractive bump in economic benefit for the small town and solidfy Indio as a 'City of Festivals.
H/T: youredm