Stereosonic Throws Official Support Behind Pill Testing

Music 02/03/2016
Stereosonic has thrown its full support behind plans for pill testing at festivals.
In an official statement released to Fairfax last night, a spokesperson for Totem OneLove, the organisers behind the festival, said they “strongly support any policies or initiatives that would minimise harm, reduce drug use and make events a safer environment for patrons.”
They went on to say: “In principle, pill testing would have our full support as long as all the key stakeholders sanctioned the initiative to ensure its effectiveness.”
Medical specialist behind the initiative, Dr Caldicott, says that the planned trial is extremely necessary. “We want to run a trial at a place where everyone is using drugs anyway,” he says. “It’s time for our politicians and elected representatives to catch up with what the majority of parents want for their children, which is for them to return home safe.”
In response to the government’s misguided concerns Caldicott adds: “The misrepresentation is that we are there to condone drug use and this couldn’t be further from the truth.”
The scheme has the backing from the majority of festival goers: almost 84% of more than 10,000 Music Feeds readers polled voted in favour of implementing the service.