Weed-Infused Vodka Is Officially A Thing

Music 14/03/2016
Going out for the night and can’t decide between booze and bud?
Pretty soon, you won’t have to.
California’s Humboldt Distillery, a two-year-old company that specializes in organic vodka, is launching a new product with a classically West Coast take on California chill: Marijuana-infused vodka.
In a press release, distillery owner Abe Stevens explained,
We’ve been selling our original Organic Vodka for more than two year[s] now. As the vodka has grown in popularity, I’ve found more and more consumers asking us to add some of the ‘local flavor’ to our alcohol. That obviously wouldn’t be legal for us to do, but I couldn’t ignore the consumer demand. My solution was to come up with a compromise that captures a bit of the character without breaking any laws.
That compromise? Using a food-grade, low-THC hemp (0.3 percent, to be exact) to infuse the alcohol with a subtle, herby flavor “reminiscent of fresh cannabis.”
The cannabis-infused Humboldt’s Finest, which Stevens says has a flavor profile similar to that of gin, retails for $29.99 and will be available in California and Colorado when it officially launches later this week.
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