Music 04/04/2016
The Operatives are proud to present the return tour of one of bass music’s most forward-thinking producers – OM UNIT.
Before landing in New Zealand with FuZen and concluding his tour in Australia with The Operatives, OM UNIT has delivered a 1-hour mix full of jungle, drum & bass, and ‘weirdstep.’
Ilk - Yes (Moresounds remix)
Binga vs Staggered Dub
Fracture & Deft - I Just
J Kenzo - Ruffhouse (Om Unit remix)
Richie Brains - Respeck Due
Nomine - Blind Man (Om Unit remix
Jubei & Goldie - The Prayer (Om Unit remix)
Moresounds - Braaka Töölö
Holly Herndon - Home (VRH remix)
Blocks & Escher - Broken (Om Unit remix)
Hidden Turn - Dream Of Tron
Kid Drama - Crimson
Theory - Babylon Corruption (Double O's dubwise mix)
The untouchables and Resound - A Separate Reality
Seba - Berberian Sound
X Nation - Stalowatt Dub
Homemade Weapons - Galatea
Jonny L - Piper (Akinsa rework)
Epilleptech - Stand Tall
Commix - Be True (Crypticz rework)
Sigrah – Gateways