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Music 16/05/2016
It's New Zealand music month so in celebration of that Jay Bulletproof is giving you his new album away FOR FREE!
Only catch is you'll have to come back each day to get a new track! Get involved.
"The opening track to my new album is something i made on tour while in the states. A future bass inspired little gem to nodd your head too."
"This one is a definite favorite from the album. It's a trap style beat but i went deep on the musicality side of this tune."

"What can i say..This one's a banger. Working with my homeboy Hamish Crocker at George FM gave me a new appreciation for saxophones over hard edge beats."
"This track blew the subs in my car when i was on the way to the club one night, so i knew i had the bass just right. (True Story) I originally intended to send this one to MC's / Rappers but i think the tune tells it's own story so left it alone."
TRACK #05: 3AM feat. KINGS
"I made this one during a break up. I reached out to my brother Kings who was going through the same thing. We compared stories and co-wrote the lyrics. Probably one of the most organic song writing sessions I've been a part of. There's an incredible remix of this tune by Mayhem and some Atlanta / Auckland based rappers coming out soon."
"This one is an ode to producer's like Benga and DJ Zinc. One word. Banger! Every time i play this in the club shit gets real. Aroha and Dick Johnson championed this one on George FM. Those two have an amazing taste in music so i knew i must have done something right."
"A rework of the TLC classic "No Scrubs" - Tetley Road is the alias of my favorite NZ producer Montell2099. He's always using the George FM production suite and i heard him working on this tune so i got him to flick me the parts and went in on it with him. At 19 Years of age this guy is a legend already so to go in on a tune together was a real honor."

"This track reminds me of the summer. Blissed out chord lines and a funky tech infused bass line. Need I say more? Again..This one goes off in a club. Its a bit of a head nod to some of my favorite UK producers like Royal T & Flava D, and when i played it to Flava she loved it, which was inspiring."
 TRACK #09: M.I.A (Made in Atlanta) feat. MAYHEM
"Mayhem is hands down one of my closest friends. We've known each other for well over a decade. Last year i was part of the Seven Deadly Sins E.P. Release Tour around the USA with Him Antiserum and Ricky Remedy, and in our downtime in ATL we went in on a bunch of new colab's. This is one of them."