Darude is booed and heckled for not playing Sandstorm

Music 05/10/2016
This past Saturday, Darude was booked to play a convention called Twitch Con, and from what we can gather it's kind of a convention/music festival hybrid for video game nerds.
Now you would think that being Darude, he would play his hit 'Sandstorm'. Well, you'd be wrong and some people got piiiiissssseeeed!
A small contingent of people got pissed off and started heckling and booing the DJ. @MikeDiva and @KhailAnonymous went in on twitter and posted videos of their anger. Fans were apparently angry that Darude didn’t play his most-known track and claimed it was the only reason he was booked.
We think it's all pretty funny really. Here’s a tip if you want to hear “Sandstorm”:
Step 1: Open up YouTube
Step 2: Search for “Sandstorm”
Step 3: Click the first link.
If you paid money to see a Darude set, you are going to see his set, not one hit song. Grow up.