Nudist dating show proves to be new low for has-beens

Music 27/10/2016
Want to avoid any more unwanted surprises when you hit the bedroom? Just date naked like the Dutch. Oh and don't be camera shy. 

The bizarre reality TV-show Adam Sucht Eva (translating to Adam searches for Eve, not sucked you dirty scoundrel) has just started airing in Germany.

And yes, we know nudity isn’t new territory for reality TV. It’s just usually delivered via something emotionally damaging like a pus-filled micro penis under seven rolls of fat on Embarrassing Bodies – Not a bunch of hotties on the beach.

So what kind of person would sign up for this humiliation?

Photo Credit: RTL 

How about a former sports star, a model, and a singer?  

Yes. Has-beens have reached a new low in extending their 15-minutes of fame.

Half of them are classed as ‘celebrities’ the other half are ‘normal’… Although normal might be a bit of stretch.

You’d have to have some serious body confidence on your side. We’d say big balls… but that will soon be revealed.   

Photo credit: RTL. We have no idea what's happening here...