Two MASSIVE Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers

Music 25/10/2016

In case the headline wasn't enough of a giveaway, GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS AHEAD. That means click off this page now if you're the type to get salty about anything spoiling your GOT screen experience.

For all of you who can't keep the curiosity at bay. Shit damn. Do we have exciting news for you.

The monumental meeting of the show's two lead protagonists.

Yes. That's right. We have evidence that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryan meet next season, and they look to be in cahoots.

Check out this leaked footage from on set.

Holy mother of Margaery. This news is more exciting than the first four episodes of Westworld combined.

Admittedly that vid kinda gave us more questions than answers.

Will the pair team up and take the Iron Throne themselves? Will they defeat the White Walkers? Will they follow the Targaryan incest-loving ways and get freaky?  Or will Daenerys follow in her Father’s footsteps and go mad with power?? No answers there yet – but don’t stop speculating.

And yes, we promised TWO spoilers.

Gendry is returning! 

After getting saved from sacrifice by Lord Davos at the end of Season 3, GOTs second most-beloved bastard was last seen rowing far, far into the distance.


Three seasons have passed and we were starting to believe Robert Baratheon's best bastard was lost at sea, never to be heard from again.

Alas, fan news site Watchers on the Wall have leaked footage of a Gendry, more badass than we've ever known.

We're talking a bloodthirsty, Warhammer-wielding Gendry. 

Yes. Gendry. Yes.

Check out the video below where he hacks two victims to death…Oosh.

(You can see Tyrion and Lord Davos doing their thing too, but if you just want the hammer action, start the vid around 3.40)

Let's just hope the writers haven’t bought Gendry back just so they can break our Gendry-loving hearts one or two episodes later with one of their signature, brutally graphic, internal-organ-bursting, death scenes…