Corona founder leaves millions to residents in his hometown

Music 25/11/2016
Cause giving the world great lager (with lime) just wasn’t enough. Antonino Fernandez, the founder of Corona has reportedly left millions to the 99 residents of the small Spanish village he was brought up in.

He was born into poverty, the eleventh of thirteen children. At 14 he had to leave school because his parents couldn’t afford the fees.

Oh, how shit turned around for this guy.

Fernandez died in August, at 99, as a billionaire.

He made his fortunes after emigrating to Mexico when he was 32 and becoming the CEO of Groupo Modelo (Corona’s brewery).

Early reports circulating the internet said each villager of the small Spanish town Cerzales has reportedly inherited around $2 million.

This has now been revealed to be an exaggeration. However, the town is still very grateful towards Fendandez who did donate millions to the village. 

“We never had any peseta (money) before,” Maximino Sanchez, a bar owner in the area, told the Diario de Leon newspaper,” I don’t know what we would have done without Antonino.”

What a hero. We’ll crack a Corona or two for you this weekend Fernandez.