Dillon Francis’ new album confirmed

Music 10/11/2016
Dillon Francis has revealed his new single Anywhere featuring Will Heard is part of a new LP that’s in the works.

He recently told Triple J that we could expect 7-8 tracks on this new project, including the banger of a first single.

This will be the Moombahton producer’s second studio album, following up from his 2014 debut Money Sucks, Friends Rule, and he promises it’ll be better!

We loved it. Obviously. But apparently he wasn’t so stoked.

“I really want to make something that’s more cohesive. I feel like my last album was a little bit all-over-the-place.”

Francis said he loved working with Heard and promised there’ll be more of that to come, but the rest of the LP will be following them Moombah vibes.

“I actually want to work with more Latin artists. And do more stuff that’s like Spanglish, Moombahton style.”

“This is the concept I want to go with, and I want people to listen to it and be like yep, nailed it.”

Are you ready for this goombas?

Check out Anywhere below, as we all wait on more details.