El Chapo’s wife worries about his sanity due to sex-starvation in the slammer

Music 01/11/2016
Chapo’s hot model wife, Emma Coronel, is deeply concerned for the Mexican drug lords sanity. Apparently, prison authorities have cut down their pound-town time to two hours a week.

What the shit? Two hours!? Dudes in prison and getting more sex than half the suckers we know on Tinder.

But Coronel claims two hours simply isn't enough. The lack of sexy-time is making him crazy, sparking depression, sleep-deprivation, memory loss, and hallucinations.

We hear ya there El Chapo.

The model and mother of two of his thirteen children has even gone so far as to say the prison guards are just treating El Chapo badly because he escaped earlier this year and "embarrassed" them.

According to the New York Post, Coronel has taken this sex thing so seriously, she’s actually filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission.

What a wifey.