Female rugby team's cheeky fundraiser

Music 05/11/2016
Fundraising at its finest. And nakedest.

An all-female, English rugby club has stripped off for a nude calendar, with the goal of raising dollars for their club.

The girls can be seen posing in a variety of rugby positions… yep. Who knew scrums could be sexy.

One of the players, Claire Crompton, admits the team was a little nervous but they got used to the nakedness pretty quick. "We all shower together at the weekend so it's not too different to that I suppose," she said.

Tell us more Claire.

“It’s meant to be an empowering, body confidence sort of thing.”

“All the ladies came away from the shoot feeling pretty confident."

"We’re certainly not supermodels, but we had fun and hopefully we can raise some money and the profile of women’s rugby."
The Hitchin Ladies' 2017 calendar is available for around $17.00 NZD on their website.

Unfortunately, we can't show you anymore pictures because getting the rights to use these nudes isn't as simple as logging into PornHub, buuuut you can find The Mirror's gallery here

All these naked, female rugby players make us miss the Dunedin Nude Blacks. They got canned this year for the first time in a decade.
Here's hoping they'll be back in full strength next year... Or they come back as an all-female squad... 

Hey, dreams are free. 

Nude Blacks - Getty Images

Nude Blacks... captions welcome - Getty Image