It's now legal to use weed in restaurants

Music 17/11/2016
Denver has just become the first city in the world where you can openly smoke weed at restaurants.

You still can’t smoke inside – you can “use” pot indoors but there’ll be some outdoor smoking areas too.

Wooo Denver!!

This is groundbreaking. Can’t believe we’re in 20-pro–marijuana-16 and America hasn’t been letting people enjoy weed while they dine.

Think about the marketing aspect?

Everyone knows if you go to the Supermarket stoned you'll walk out with 3 pottles of pringles, a kilo of bacon, 2 fun size packs of Snickers, a 6 pack of Big Bens pies, some fancy cheese, freshly baked bread and some baba ghanoush having completely forgotten about the milk and eggs you were supposed to be picking up. 

So imagine how much more you’d eat/spend if you could blaze up in a restaurant?

Sadly. No updates on New Zealand going legal..

But stay positive guys and look forward to the day where you can hit Nandos with a blunt in hand.