Latest challenge to sweep the internet involves sweatpants and dick

Music 28/11/2016
Another completely ridiculous Twitter challenge has gripped the face of the internet.

And this time it involves sweatpants… and dick.

Aaaah the timeless grey sweatpants. Usually reserved for those days when you’d rather not be wearing pants at all but have to make an appearance at the supermarket and would prefer to avoid any public indecency charges.

Well. Apparently sweatpants are also actually real good for showing off your appendage… not just scratching it while waiting for GTA to load.

So a bunch of dudes have taken to getting their dicks out for Twitter.

We hope you're happy Harambe.

Not exactly sure where the challenge part kicks in. But here are a couple of the sad sacks who have taken this shit seriously.

Who knew the pants with a waistband so stretchy you can fit a bucket of wicked wings, a 1.5l of regret, two sides of fries and your left hand inside could be deemed as sexy?

Well team. Apparently they can.

The female mind remains a great mystery.

Then there were the dudes that saw the #greysweatpantschallenge as a great opportunity to shove miscellaneous objects down their pants.

Good on ya boys.