Pornstar Tori Black opens up about the industry in Reddit Ask Me Anything

Music 17/11/2016
Tori Black, a fan fave on Pornhub (we hear *cough*) has answered her fans questions about the job.

And we’re pleased to hear that being a pornstar is as fun as it looks. Well, at least it is for Tori Black. Living a life where she literally gets paid to orgasm. What could she possibly have to complain about?

Well, regret turned out to be the most popular theme on the thread.

Reddit user thickner asked, “Have you regretted anything you filmed?”

To which she retorted, “only one.”

And that’s all she said.

Leaving fans in wild speculation mode. Sex Factor? Stunt woman in Cat Woman? Green Lantern?

Here are another few pearlers:

You may need to sit down, Tori Black proves to be as filthy behind the keyboard as she is on camera.

Javi_in_1080p asks, “Do you truly enjoy anal or only fake it on set?" 

Black replied, “I love the shit out of it… ahahahahahahaha pun intended. I actually have a magic asshole it's always clean and yes I love it.”

INTHEMIDSTOFLIONS asked, “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen happen while on set?”

“A guy accidentally catch his own money shot in the mouth,” Black replied.
The Reddit weirdos couldn’t resist piping in.

“Not sure if should be confused or impressed”

“Wait that’s weird? I usually do it for the extra protein.”

Erm. Not sure how we feel about this guys... 

And the creeps pulled through,

Panda_Butt asked, “How many hundred of manly naked parts has your inbox received in this whole hour?”

Black responded “too many”

Some honest dude asked, “what the hell is a G-Spot?”

To which Black told him it’s “different for every vagina.”


“Yeah, that’s how you find it.”

And what’s the one thing that always turns Tori Black on?

“Secure people. Insecurity isn’t sexy.”

Read the full thread here.