Racegoer crushed over missing $3 interrupts live cross

Music 02/11/2016
The best 2016 messy Melbourne Cup video is here. 

Channel Nine reporter Phil Wilmington was mid-way through a live cross when a messy racegoer jumped on screen upset about a lost wallet and demanding Chanel Nine take responsibility for the missing $3.00 

"Channel Nine, I think you need to know somebody has lost $3.00," 
"Can you give that to the rightful owner"


Pretty sure there were a lot of people who lost a lot more than $3.00 yesterday, but Wilmington took the rude and ridiculous interruption on the chin.

"I probably wouldn't be able to find them but if you give it to the security guard".

This does not appease the woman, who gives the salty af retort; "No, it's important. How dare you?" before getting dragged away by two friends. 

Thanks, Melbourne Cup. We knew you'd bring the goods.