Spotify just teamed up with Ticketmaster

Music 29/11/2016
From now on you’ll be able to listen to your favourite music, get privy info on when your favourite artists will be coming to town and swoop up your tickets in one place.

Spotify have started a partnership with Ticketmaster.

“Starting this week, we’ll be integrating their concert listings into artist pages, the recommended concerts feature and our emails,” said Spotify on the new alignment with the ticketing company.

Spotify will also by emailing concert recommendation based on your listening habits.

“Since concerts continue to be a key revenue stream for most artists, we’ve been applying our fan understanding and recommendation technology – the same ones that power experiences like Discover Weekly – to help drive additional touring revenue for artists.”

Admittedly, this idea seems like a bit of a rip from Pandora’s partnership with Ticketfly. But we’re definitely not complaining.

Getting tickets to your favourite shows and being notified to when your favourite artists are coming has never been easier.

Yessss to that. 

Details to come for when this kicks off in New Zealand.