When stoners and winos join forces: introducing weed-infused wine

Music 22/11/2016
The “should I get high or should I get drunk tonight?” conundrum may well be one of those big questions in life that you can finally put in your past.

Some genius’ have brought weed and liquor together to create one trippy af green beverage called Canna Vine and there's a range of brands jumping on board the weed-wine express.  


Yep. You can get stoned through a drink. Bloody brilliant. 

No longer do you have to worry about stinking the house out and pissing off your girlfriend/boyfriend/flatties or rents to get high.

Or if you’re the more considerate type, you don’t have to go skulking outside behind the garage inhaling fat cones in the cold.

Maybe you're one to get a little too rowdy on the piss... a wine that mellows you out could be the perfect solution.  

Sure edibles have been around forever. But liquor and weed in one swig? That’s a beautiful thing.


And yeah we know, sometimes combining the two can make for some pretty mental head spins... but reportedly Canna Vine is a much more mellow vibe than your beer-spliff-beer-spiff-beer-spliff-vom-cry-curl-up-and-die buzz.  

Unfortunately, Canna Vine is only available in California, and you do need a medical marijuana prescription to buy it (like all other ganja on the market over there).

Plus it's not cheap - a bottle will set you back up to $500 NZD, so this is a very different buzz to a skunky tinny you bought in the BK carpark.

We've also found out Canada’s been doing this weed-meets-alcohol thing for aaages and it’s commercially available over there.

Bless you Canada.

And yeah. We concede, it sucks you can’t pop down to Glengarry’s and buy a bottle of Canna Vine but now that we know it’s possible, this could be very exciting news for the homebrew-making, 420-lovers of the world.

Not that we're encouraging illegal activity. Of any kind. Ever.