Hippie spends $10,000 on round-the-world trip to find himself, discovers he's a clichéd dickhead

Spirituality and conspiracy blog Big Karma recently reported on a young hippy's $10,000 world trip and spiritual journey to find himself. The results are hilarious.

19-year-old, self-proclaimed hippie, Jonty Cockburn, is reportedly gutted after coming to terms with the fact that he’s a boring cliché on the back of a lavish round-the-world trip.

Cockburn opened up about his realisation to Big Karma; “I thought I was an individual snowflake, but then I realised that actually, all snow looks the same to the human eye.” 

The bleak epiphany reportedly hit him during a drum circle at an organic chickpea farm in the North Island of our very own, New Zealand.

Cockburn told Big Karma that he was suddenly hyper-aware he was in the company of, “8 other near-identical looking white, dreadlocked, poncho wearing, bucket-hat sporting, fire-poi spinning, terribly tattooed idiots.”


Unsure how legit this actually is, but whether or not this story is 100% true, we all know a wanker who fits this description…