More X&Y gens are watching Planet Earth II than X-Factor

Music 02/12/2016
It’s been revealed Planet Earth II has more viewers aged between 16-35 than X-Factor.

The basic bitch Cyclops era may well have come to an end. We’re proud of you guys.

The second episode of the series is the highest rating so far, totalling 1.8 million, next to Simon Cowell’s 1.4million on X-Factor.

Sir David believes the show's success is largely down to the improvement in technology. And he’s right to a degree, watching trippy animals doing their trippy thing in ultra 4k high definition is awesome - especially when enjoyed with a cheeky spliff and a strong snack game on a Sunday night.


But I think we all know the real reason Planet Earth II has been a raging success is David’s smooth as fuck voice overs that lull you into a sense of safety and calmness.
We love you David.

He's essentially a much cheaper and (possibly more effective) option to therapy.  

Speaking to the Radio Times, Sir David said “I’m told that we are attracting a larger than normal number of younger viewers (16-35) and apparently the music of Hans Zimmer in particular is striking a chord.”

“That pleases me enormously.”


Sir David also believes viewers are; “reconnecting with a planet whose beauty is blemished and whose health is failing,”

That’s a very comforting thought, and we hope it’s true. Especially considering the US just elected a president who believes Global Warming is a myth.


With 2089 days shooting on the field and 117 film locations, 40 countries, 400 terabytes of footage recorded and four years in production, Planet Earth II is one of the largest scale film projects of all time.