Student spends over $1mil on strippers, cocaine and fast cars following bank glitch

What happens when a debt-plagued student gets access to millions of dollars through a glitch in his bank?

Blows $1.3 milly on strippers, cars and cocaine.

On ya mate.

The Australian man, Luke Moore, 29, had two years with an unlimited overdraft during which he did not shy away from the high life.

We’re talking buying an Aston Martin, a Maserati and a boat. Essentially living like Leo in Wolf on Wall Street... before he got caught for fraud.

Yep. The age old what comes up most go down.

Last year Moore was caught and slapped with a four-year jail term.

However, the dude got lucky last week, winning an appeal of his conviction on the grounds that his actions weren’t deceptive.

He’s walked free, broke and living at mums. Did we mention free? Shit, that's one good lawyer.  

When the Daily Telegraph asked Moore if he missed the lavish life, he said he was totally cool without, “besides the cocaine, strippers and fast cars.”

Yeah. Fair call.