The Instagram account that's taking down sexist nipple representation

Music 13/12/2016
Instagram account @Genderless_Nipples is fighting for equal nipple representation on Instagram.

Instagram's nudity policy is pretty simple, no genitalia or buttholes. When it comes to nipples though, the policy is defined by gender. Female nipple=outrageous nudity, male nipple= a-ok.

@Genderless_Nipples is messing with Instagram’s algorithm, as the account points out the ridiculous similarity between male and female nipples, not even Instagram can tell the difference.

My nipple isn't sexual, your thoughts are. 🤘🏼💫

A photo posted by Genderless Nipples (@genderless_nipples) on Dec 4, 2016 at 9:33pm PST

Within a couple days of the account starting, Instagram had already deleted a male nipple.

Genderless_Nipples responded by posting the deleted image notification from Instagram captioned, “NEWS: We just had one of our male nipples removed. Instagram, you can’t even tell the difference between male and female nipples; who could!? So why even bother banning female nipples if they can be so similar?”

If you want to join the protest, volunteers can send in their nipples to Genderless Nipples and keep the movement going.

Everything is beautiful under the influence of freedom. 💛

A photo posted by Genderless Nipples (@genderless_nipples) on Dec 12, 2016 at 1:50am PST

Also, don’t miss the Free The Nipple beach day at Mission Bay this Sunday, with over 500 people attending, and “freeing the nip” so to speak, this sounds like a day not to be missed…
Just do your best not to ogle at all the boobs, or you may get knocked out by a feminist.