Weed-infused coffee is now a thing


What kind of coffee for you this morning good sir?

Long black? Cappuccino? Weed-infused?

It’s moments like this when you realise the world truly is a beautiful place.

BrewBudz, a Californian premium coffee, tea and cocoa company dedicated to making marijuana infused coffee pods is launching in early 2017.

 Jeffry Paul, BrewBudz vice president explains; “It’s an opportunity to bring together two different rituals in life,”

Only the two best rituals. Wake and bake and coffee merging in one smooth and potent sip.

The coffee pods will be colour coded based on dosage. 10 milligrams for the recreational user who just wants a lazy blaze, 25 to 50 for those with medicinal needs.

BrewBudz website is quick to point out the obvious health benefits of sipping on that dank kush instead of lighting it up.

“Ingesting or consuming hot beverages is a very healthy alternative to smoking which has a high impact on the health of your lungs.”

And for those that can’t understand why you’d simultaneously perk and mellow, BrewBudz explains the concoction is “sative-dominant” so you’ll actually feel energised afterwards.


Sadly, no BrewBudz over here for the moment... 

Not much consolation, but check out BrewBudz aesthetic af Instagram.