11 reasons we wish we were still at R&V

Rhythm and Vines 03/01/2017

Aaah, January 3rd. The hangover is finally wearing off and the reality of going back to work is settling in... but you just can't stop fantasizing about being back between the vines dancing your tits off. Sound familiar?

Well, if it makes you feel any better, you're not alone. Here's 11 reasons why we'd rather just be back at R&V. 

1. Giggle and Vines. How excellent was that space? The perfect escape from festival chaos, with an extra large side of laughs.

2. R&V. The one place you can buy Fritz Weiners at 3am.

3. That genius who put together every festival-goers survival kit and sold it all out of one tent. Gum. Water. Ciggies. Ponchos. All they were missing were fanny packs… 

4. Chance the Rapper. That's all.

5. That location though.

6. A great op to make some new friends.

7. $3 dollar novelty cups with every Redbull Vodka. Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. We about that life. 

8. Just generally getting to a really good level...

9. Having an opportunity to channel your more creative side. 

10. The Speight's pools to cool down in during the day. Quality. 

11. Welcoming 2017 in with a party that goes through 'til the sunrise. 

Nothing can compare to this iconic festival. Good vibes, good music and good people. See you in 358 days Rhythm.