Dude's vape spontaneously exploded in his face


Hey vape naysh, have we got some bleak news for you.

Not only have even the cheapest and nastiest of ciggies hiked up to $22.50 now 2017 has rolled on in… but the healthy vape train has hit a nasty stop.

Andrew Hill, a UK Lad who’d quit smoking and become a vape nation advocate, posted some seriously nasty photos over the weekend, after his vape spontaneously exploded in his face.

Hill had been vaping hard for a year and felt like it was helping him veer away from that ciggy butt brain life, until all that changed, in a very violent way.

He lost seven teeth, has third degree burns to his face and neck and has been pulling chunks of plastic and teeth from his mouth, throat and lips.

Gnarly af.

Hill is on the mend, and is expected to have a full recovery, but he felt it important to get his story out there and let people know vape burns can happen - although, granted, are very uncommon.