Maccas is giving out 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce TODAY

Music 26/01/2017

Who doesn’t love sauce?

Some of us learned how to eat vegetables by smothering them in tomato sauce. Some of us say what’s the point of eating eggs at all, if they don’t come covered in hollandaise. Some of us can’t eat nothing without a bottle of sriracha on hand. While some believe aioli is one of the greatest gifts to mankind.

Fuck yeah… sauce.

But there’s one magical, elusive sauce that is loved by millions across the world.. and you can only get from one place.

That’s right the Big Mac Special Sauce.

Here at George FM we’re the kind of office, while on recovery Monday mode, we’ll hit Maccas and get Big Mac Special Sauce on everrrything.

We’re talking McNuggets, Cheese burgers, McChickens, Quarter Pounders and of course the iconic Big Mac itself. Steam all the buns.

Long story short, Big Mac Special Sauce is delicious and should be put on everything.

If we could. We’d probably drink it by the bottle.

And now, for one day only, YOU CAN... if you live in America that is.

10,000 bottles of the mystery Big Mac Special Sauce are getting handed out in America today to celebrate the release of two new versions of the Big Mac; the Grand Mac and the Mac Jnr.

One bigger version, one smaller version, with that deliciously good Big Mac with Big Mac Special Sauce taste.

Fingers crossed they bring these two new burgers over here and use the same marketing ploy.

In the meantime, if you reaaaally want to get your hands on a bottle of Big Mac sauce, expect a few hundred of these bad boys to show up on eBay today.