Memelord arrested for distasteful Columbine meme

Music 17/01/2017

In the powerful and poignant words of Pink Guy:

“I eat the memes, I shit the memes
Without memes, I will die
Inhale the memes
Exhale the memes
Inject the memes into my bloodstream
There are good memes, and there are bad memes.”

Memelords and meme machines, you may think your invincible behind that keyboard..

But an American high school student has found out exactly how bad a meme can be, when his meme went way too far.

Reddit user, the Shickness, opened up about what happened after he posted a Dexter’s Laboratory meme to Twitter, featuring Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold with the caption: “Me when I come home from school.”

He claims he’s an A grade kid with a reputation for having a dark sense of humour, so the dude didn’t think twice about making the joke... well, until he was on his way home that night, and a police car followed him, questioned him, and even searched his room for weapons.

His school was swarming with security the next day and he was immediately suspended.

He was put under house arrest and didn’t leave his home for a month.

Eventually he was charged with “terroristic threats and some form of disturbing the peace.”

Opening up on the experience, he said: “I became hysterical, as I am a relatively prominent student and had never had any major disciplinary action brought down upon me, and all of this over a fucking meme? There was no way this was happening to me.”

Think before you meme kids. Turns out that shit CAN be taken seriously..