Women reveal why nice guys finish last


Aaaaah, the age old saying “nice guys finish last…”

Here you are sitting in the smoking area of some club at 1 in the morning, whining to Emily, the solid 7, and a mutual friend, about how nice you are.

You just spent 30 minutes having a convo with her total babe mate, Jade. Who then hooked up with some douchebag called Jayden right in front of you.

And you know Jayden fucked your mate Jess last week. You tell Emily, “Jayden’s a fuckboy! Jade (the hot mate) and I were getting on so well?? Wtf just happened?”

Emily seems disinterested.

You drop some sly comment about the friend zone, drag your sorry ass to Burgerfuel for some cheer-up chips, and then get in bed, pop on some Sasha Grey and wank your sorrows away…

Whhhhhhyyyyy didn't Jade fall for my "nice guy" ways?


The women of Reddit have opened up about why exactly, self-proclaimed nice guys, will indeedy, always finish last.

Some solid life lessons below for you “nice guys.”