Alison Wonderland and Team Supreme create ultimate 'Messiah' beat cypher

Music 22/02/2017

With just under 200k followers, Alison Wonderland has given unknown bedroom producers a special opportunity to be heard on her SoundCloud platform.

The princess of electronic music got the concept from Team Supreme, a US collective made up of producers including Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba and Hoodboi.

Team Supreme often take tracks and then put out the word for up-and-coming artists to make a remix.

Alison had over 300 producers send in 1-min flips of her latest single with M-Phazes; ‘Messiah’. Team Supreme then mixed together 27 of the best.

They're calling the mix 'Alison Wonderland X M-Phazes "F*** Me(ssiah) Up On A Spiritual Level" TeamSupreme Cypher ' 

The majority of the 27 remixes are from unknown bedroom producers, alongside a couple special guests, including Slumberjack, great dane, AWE, swindail and a snippet from Lidos new remix. 

Pretty sweet right?

Here’s the full list of artists and times during the show:
0:00-0:55 @awe
0:55-2:04 @neofresco
2:04-3:12 @snufmusic
3:12-4:20 @chattytrees
4:20-5:14 @andravida
5:14-6:24 @auralponic
6:24-7:20 @swindail
7:20-8:42 @tsuruda
8:42-9:36 @cambotmusic
9:36-10:46 @samnezz
10:46-11:40 @flyingsquirrelbeats
11:40-13:02 @officialjupe
13:02-14:04 @nukumachi
14:04-14:58 @slumberjack
14:58-15:26 @taskerthetasker
15:26-16:50 @grrrreatdane
16:50-17:46 @svberbeats
17:46-18:54 @kianzohoury
18:54-19:52 @mrmph
19:52-21:14 @fekibeats
21:14-22:20 @davidkimmusic
22:20-23:02 @thingstoimproveupon
23:02-24:06 @jabair
24:06-25:16 @takefivemusic
25:16-26:26 @miscenemy
26:26-27:20 @boltex
27:20-fin @lidogotsongs

Team Supreme are all about recognising the yet-to-be recognised.

When Mr. Carmack was here earlier this month, he ran an “open aux hour”, encouraging Auckland producers to come to Neck of The Woods, plug into an “open aux” and play Carmack their own beats.

We love this idea. 

Our very own Jay Bulletproof attended the event and found a bunch of up-and-coming Auckland producers, whose music is now featuring on George Nights.

Watch this space for George's very own beat cypher opportunities.