Artists to watch in 2017

Music 07/02/2017

Dan Aux has developed a knack for recognising talent before the rest of us catch on.

He was the first DJ in the world to play a Lorde song on radio. He was also the first radio DJ to drop the Kings' banger, Don’t Worry About It - which has since become the longest running New Zealand single of all time.

So now we’re cranking into 2017, we thought we’d ask Dan which up-and-comers he's paying extra attention to.

He's done us one better and put together a sweet playlist predicting which musicians are going to crack it in 2017.

It’s an eclectic sound, channelling dance, bass, trap and mad talent.

On the playlist, he’s included a number of young and talented New Zealand artists, such as Quix, the Auckland producer who is fast becoming a major player in international future bass, with artists like Troy Boi, Ricky Remedy and Boombox Cartel frothing over his tunes.

Dan Aux also made mention of the prolific 19-year-old Hamilton-based producer Hundaes, electronic pop princess Theia, and future bass producer Ian Munro.

Bass-heads have a reason to celebrate, cause it sounds like there's a shit load of talent making some seriously nasty bass.

On the international front, Dan highlighted artists like Whethan, Slumberjack and Arona Mane, producers who are all making straight bass bangers right now. 


Check out the full playlist here