Builder accidentally shoots nail gun into his own penis

News 22/02/2017

Most dudes we know curl up in a ball of agony while watching lights flash before their eyes whenever they receive an accidental kick or punch to the peen.

However, one Welsh builder has taken dick injuries to a whole new level. The lad in question accidentally shot himself in the groin with a hydraulic hand nail gun, narrowing missing his shaft by a couple centimetres.

According to the Mirror, the poor lad wishes not to be named, but his workmate Mathew Mauger was on hand to get pictures and share them with the world.

Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

Mathew explained: “For want of a better phrase, the nail was pretty much through his dick.”

"I've never seen anything like that on the building site before. People couldn't believe it. He wanted me to share the pictures of it on social media."

"It makes your eyes water. Even looking back I'm flinching. I'm very relieved it wasn't me. I had a couple of dates coming up that weekend." 

According to Mauger, unlike every other man in the history of the universe who has sustained an injury close to their precious package, 
the guy DID NOT spend the next 20 minutes writhing around on the floor letting out pained groans every couple seconds.

“He wasn’t crying or screaming in pain or anything, he was just dead calm. It hadn’t fazed him at all.” 

“He said his leg was starting to go numb, but his demeanour just wasn’t changing.”

What the shit. Is this guy some sort of super human?
A closer look at the damage...

Apparently, the trooper even queried whether he should just pull the nail out himself and be done with it. However, Mauger advised against it.

The lad faced an hour-long drive to the nearest A&E department and was rushed into surgery upon arrival.

Mathew said: “He was very, very lucky. If it had been any closer the doctors said it would have gone straight through one of the main arteries.”

The man received the injury on Thursday at a building site in Swansea, Wales. Thankfully he has since made a full recovery.